Black Palm Wood Skirting

Finished black palm wood is a luxury material for modern houses and buildings. And it is visually striking, with a textured appearance. Black palm wood can be laminated, shaped, drilled, or screwed. Its exceptional strength underpins the impressive ecological credentials making it the perfect substitute for tropical hardwood timber. Black palm wood is an advanced material for 21st Century. Black palm wood is a strikingly beautiful yet strong material suitable for modern architecture.

Black palm wood is an excellent material for internal wall linings and  skirting. Black palm wood can be used as skirting as it is exceptionally durable, moisture resistant, termite, fungi & wood borer resistant. As a natural material, hardwood reacts to changes in its setting, like moisture and extreme temperatures, which cause solid wood to shrink or expand. But black palm does not have any shrinkage and warping problem because being a monocot plant, it has no growth ring. So, the shrinkage and warping percentage of black palm is much low compared to other woods. It’s beautiful and exceptional texture gives gorgeous look of the interior made by black palm wood skirting.

Black palm wood is a very hard and dense wood. The wood is so dense that it actually sinks in water. Black palm wood is exceptionally durable, lasting for decades. It has a very high level of water resistance property. No borers or termite can damage this wood. It is also highly resistance against fungal decay as well as splinter, swell and crack free.

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