Pen Blanks

Black Palm (Borassus flabellifer) originates from Bangladesh and few other SE Asian Countries. Black palm is a very hard and dense wood with spectacular grain patterns. The wood is so dense that it actually sinks in water. Black palm wood is a perfect combination of strength and beauty.This dark, beautiful and unusual wood will make striking and unique pens. Our Black palm pen blanks are individually selected for each order to ensure the quality you expect.

The blanks are made out of only high quality wood. Carefully selected wood sections are air dried in our drying center to obtain best quality blanks. No pesticide or any toxic chemical is applied to the wood at any stage. Waxing of the blanks is optional as per customer requirement. We supply three types of pen blanks: straight cut, cross cut or diagonally cut. A range of sizes of each type of blanks are readily available. We also supply pen blanks of any size as per customer requirement.

Pen Blank Single Straight Cut Final         pen blank cross cut final         pen blank diagonal cut final

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