Knife Blocks

Black palm wood is considered to be a very attractive knife handle. We supply black palm blocks for knife handle of fixed blade.  Black palm is a very hard, dense and durable wood. Its unique and rich grains create strikingly beautiful knife handle. Black palm wood is a perfect combination of strength and beauty.

Black palm originates in Bangladesh and few other South-east Asian countries. In recent years, black palm has become one of the most coveted wood blocks for fixed blade. The blocks are made out of premium quality black palm wood. The wood is air dried naturally to preserve its innate quality and texture. No synthetic chemical is applied to the wood at any stage.

The shrinkage and warping percentage of black palm is much low compared to other woods. Black palm wood is exceptionally durable, lasting for decades. It has a very high level of water resistance property. No borers or termite can damage this wood. Black palm does not have any shrinkage and warping problem because being a monocot plant, it has no growth ring. It is also highly resistance against fungal decay as well as splinter, swell and crack free.

    Knife Handle Block Straight Cut Multiple- Med    Knife Handle Block – Straight Cut

Knife Handle Block Cross Cut Multiple-MedKnife Handle Block – Cross Cut

Knife Blank Diagonal Cut Multiple - Med                                                                          Knife Handle Block – Diagonal Cut

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