Knife Blanks

Black palm is a very hard, dense and durable wood. Its unique and rich grains make them strikingly beautiful. Handles made out of black palm would dramatically enhances the quality of a knife. Black palm wood is a perfect combination of strength and beauty.

Black palm originates in Bangladesh and few other South-east Asian countries. In recent years, black palm has become one of the most coveted wood blanks for turning. The blanks we supply are directly collected from country side. The blanks are made out of premium quality black palm wood. The wood is dried naturally to preserve its innate quality and texture. No synthetic chemical is applied to the wood at any stage. Waxing of the blanks is optional as per customer requirement.

Normally, length of knife blanks / scales is about 5” with various dimensions of width and thickness. We can supply  any size of knife blanks / scales. (Metric sizes are also available).

The Knife blanks / scales supplied as straight cut, cross cut or diagonally cut.

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