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In recent years wood has become an ideal material for making gate of buildings. Gate made up of wood sections is not common. However, in recent years gate made by wood sections has gained popularity in different major cities of the world.


Black palm wood is the best choice for making gates of due to its durability and gorgeous exceptional look. Black palm is a very dense and hard wood with spectacular grain patterns. It is exceptionally durable. Because of its high degree of resistance to termite and wood borers, Black palm wood does not need any treatment with pesticide or any chemical. Black palm wood is exceptionally durable under rainy and wet condition in outdoor settings as it has high degree of water resistance.

More and more buildings in cities now have wooden gate instead of other materials. Until recently imported expensive woods were used in gate making. Black palm wood has become a suitable alternative to imported wood in making gate.

IMG_3222The shrinkage and warping percentage of black palm is much low compared to other woods. Black palm wood is exceptionally durable in wet climatic condition, lasting for decades due to its high level of water resistance property. No borers or termite can damage this wood. It is also highly resistant against fungal decay. The spectacular grain pattern of black palm wood is really attractive.

Black palm wood is dried naturally following a combination of sun- and air-drying schedule. Natural dried black palm is preferable as exterior wood in green building project.

Sizes: We can supply almost any size of Black Palm Wood Sections for Gate.
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