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Black Palm Wood Floor Tiles

Black palm wood is a strikingly beautiful yet strong material suitable for modern architecture. Black palm wood is an excellent material for floor tiles. Because of its very high moisture-resistance, it can be used as floor tiles in many moisture-prone areas such as bathroom, kitchen, sauna, swimming pool, etc. It is exceptionally durable -lasting for decades.  It is completely resistant against termites and borers. The shrinkage and warping problem is very minimal.  It’s beautiful and exceptional texture gives gorgeous look of the floor made by black palm wood. Black palm wood is a very hard and dense wood. The wood is so dense that it actually sinks in water.

Single Section ooden Floor tiles_2

We can supply ready to install pre-finished black palm solid wood tiles as per customer requirement. We also supply planks to manufacturer of solid wood tiles.

Sizes: As per customer requirement.
Price: Please inquire.
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