Exterior Use of Black Palm Wood

Black palm is an ideal wood for exterior use such as decking, louver, fencing and gates, swimming pool decking, patio. Black palm is a very dense and hard wood with spectacular grain patterns. It is exceptionally durable in outdoor conditions.The usable wood in black palm comes from the hardest peripheral portion of the trunk. This peripheral hard portion is very much water resistant. The black palm dugout (canoe) used in some low lying areas in Bangladesh lasts for decades.

Nagarkanda May, 2015 (10)                                                                            Picture of Many Years Old Donga

In rural areas of Bangladesh, black palm wood is commonly used as rafters, joists in home building. They prefer black palm wood because of its durability under rainy condition andcomplete resistance to termites and wood borers. Black palm does not have any shrinkage and warping problem because being a monocot plant, it has no growth ring. . It is also highly resistance against fungal decay as well as splinter, swell and crack free.

Environmental issue

Black palm is a non-forest plant species. Use of wood from black palm and similar other non-forest plants directly substitute the use of timbers from forest trees. In Green Building concept, use of non-forest timber is encouraged. Black palm is not an endangered or threatened species anywhere in the world. Black palm is not mentioned in the lists of CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) or IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

Because of its high degree of resistance to termite and wood borers, Black palm wood does not need any treatment with pesticide or any chemical. Black palm wood is dried naturally following a combination of sun- and air-drying schedule. Natural dried black palm is preferable as exterior wood in green building project.


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