Black Palm Blocks

IMG_6925Black palm wood is a perfect combination of strength and beauty. Black palm wood is a very hard and dense wood with spectacular grain patterns. The wood is so dense that it actually sinks in water. Unlike other woods, black palm does not have any growth ring. So, the grains are very straight and contain no defects or knots.

The blocks of Black palm are made out of only high quality wood. A combination of sun- and air drying schedule is maintained to obtain best quality wood. No synthetic chemical is applied to the woods at any stage. Waxing of the blanks is optional as per customer requirement.

The shrinkage and warping percentage of black palm is much low compared to other woods. Black palm wood is exceptionally durable, lasting for decades. It has a very high level of water resistance property. No borers or termite can damage this wood. Black palm does not have any shrinkage and warping problem because being a monocot plant, it has no growth ring. It is also highly resistance against fungal decay as well as splinter, swell and crack free.

Different sizes of blocks are used for making iPAD Stand, Card Holder, Bottle Stopper and many others.


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